The Prayer Exchange

December 2014

How is it the last month in 2014? This time last year we had not even attended out first training sessions, and now here we are all finished with our required stateside training and pulling together all the hundreds of loose ends before we fly out in May!

As we enter into this holiday season, we can't help but acknowledge this will be our last Christmas here with you for at least 3 years... that is a sobering thought. You, and our time together, is a cost we counted many times as we decided to serve overseas. The weight of that loss will be felt all the more fully as we try to navigate celebrating on the other side of the world removed from you in person, but not in spirit.

So extend us a little grace this season if we seem to be drinking it all in a little too eagerly, if we hug you just a little longer, or we invite ourselves over to visit.... its because we love you.

Praise and Prayers

God has been rallying our team together! We are over 65% and rising! Please keep praying that we keep this forward momentum in our monthly partnership. Traditionally December is a slow month for gaining new support, but we are praying for God to exceed our expectations in abundance. There are so many parts to this last phase before we go that are contingent on when we reach 100% of our support.

We ask you to pray that we reach 100% of our monthly support by the end of January. That God would stir up the hearts of those He has already chosen ahead of time to do this mission, to rise up and join our team.

Please pray that we continue to lean in towards our Father with eyes wide open. Eyes to see His goodness, His provision, His heart.

Pray for wisdom beyond what we possess as we open up our hands again with our trajectory. It has been brought to our attention the need for regional managers in PNG, and that our family could be a very good fit for that position. If that is the case we would still be going to PNG in May, just not to the main center of Ukarumpa. Our lives would look radically different depending on what job we end up with. Pray for wisdom for our family and that God would make it resoundingly clear where He wants us.

Please pray that our hearts will overflow with Christ's joy and that our bodies would would be shielded with good health this season!

We cherish you, thank you for praying for us! How can we be praying better for you? Let us know!

John and Kristi Craig