The Prayer Exchange

July 2014

Wow, this year (and summer) is flying by! This time last year was when we really started submitting to the idea that God was calling our family to go into full time missions!

Please email us any praise and or prayer requests you might have... we would love to hear from you!


  • God has grown Millie by leaps and bounds! She has made it on the growth chart and is in the 10th percentile. Millie is now a whopping 23 lbs! Her beloved Dr gave her a glowing report... its always good when you can see your Dr is really pleased with the progress your kids are making :)
  • Kids are doing so well as we sort through all our things, picking and choosing what we will take with us. It is a gift to see their generous hearts in action.
  • Nori finally lost her front teeth. She is so tickled. Its been a little bitter sweet for us to see her pass another stepping stone in growing up.
  • We joined the YMCA (for the first time ever) to help us prepare for those mile ocean swims, and long jungle hikes. It has really been fun to just go swim and hang out with the kiddos too! Plus a bonus is we will be able spend some summer fun with our Y friends... so if you are a Y member let us know we would love to meet up with you sometime:)

Please Pray

  • There is still no good option for a replacement for John at work. Pray that God would move just the right person in place and soon, so that John will have time to train them well.
  • Partners! This is big. Without a partnership team we cannot move forward. We did not reach the required 50% in our partnership to attend the July training. So thankful God provided an October training option not offered before. If we make it to the Oct training we can still leave in January for PNG if we are at 100%. Please pray that God will move in people's hearts to act now and join our Wycliffe team.
  • We are stepping out in faith and moving to JAARS in Sept. There is so much to do in these next two months. We need an extra dose of wisdom and endurance! What to take and give away, what school supplies to buy, when to go on some partnership development trips etc etc etc. Pray God will direct us in making the right choices even when we might not know why!
  • Pray that our Home church would choose to partner with us! Its hard to think of going into the field without them fully supporting us back home. They are making a decision this month!

Thank you all! Without your prayers and support we couldn't do this!

John and Kristi Craig