The Prayer Exchange

September 2014

Thanks for all of your prayers over this last month, it has been quite eventful which can be great and stressful at the same time; but God has been faithful! I hope that you all have had a blessed and safe Summer too.

Please email us any praise and/or prayer requests you might have... we would love to hear from you! Really!!!!!


God answered and we have exceeded the 50% milestone for our monthly ministry budget which means that we can officially go to our upcoming ICC training at JAARS!

God blessed our 2 week circuit of the eastern US.  Betty White (our van) did great for all 3,126 miles.  Even though the kids didn't really sleep at all, they did great traveling.  We picked up a few more monthly partners and maybe a church! We stayed healthy! Not to mention all of the educational opportunities which you might have seen via the blog :)

We received all of our passports!

Please Pray

For the balance of our ministry budget. Right now we are 47% away from being released for service overseas.  God has done some incredible things so far and I know that He will complete this, but understanding His timing is always a challenge.  We pray that September will be a month of abundance so that we can turn our focus to the ICC training in October and then to the last logistics like visas, work permits, and shots (ouch!).  We are praying to reach 100% of our ministry budget by the end of Sept. Without a complete partnership team we cannot move to Papua New Guinea.

We are knee deep in boxes and bins at the moment as we just moved to JAARS in Waxhaw, NC. Please pray for clarity in the confusion over what to store, what to ship, what to give away, and what to throw away.

For all these transitions! That we don't go crazy but rely on God instead through all these changes.

For John as he trains 2 people to take his place at his current job.  And again, for faith and wisdom as we discern when is the right time to step away from full-time employment with his job.

Thank you all! Without your prayers and support we couldn't to this!
Much love,

John and Kristi Craig